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Dear Nairalanders, I am writing this piece not as a PDP or APC sympathizer but as a deeply concerned Nigerian. The Chibok kidnap occurred roughly 24hours after the Nyanya blast; Boko Haram just released a video few days ago claiming responsibility for the Nyanya blast, why didn't they also claim responsibility for the Chibok girls kidnap? Where did these new figures come from? Why are they creating confusion for the entire nation and confusing the Nigerian army on ground? Since most of the missing girls in question have already registered for WAEC,can we have their names published by the school authorities and verified by WAEC? Over 40 girls have so far escaped, and they ALL miraculously escaped into the hands of the Chibok school authorities or their parents; none of these girls have 'escaped' into the hands of the JTF for debriefing.

AND just how did the girls escape from their 'merciless' abductors? We understand that the Chibok school in question had been closed by the same Borno state government but was suddenly reopened close to Easter celebrations. In the midst of all this Governor Nyarko of Adamawa state suddenly writes a memo to all Northern governors accusing the Presidency of a sinister plot to annihilate all Northern Muslims. Please,I need Nairalanders to verify all I have written so far and tell me if this isn't enough grounds to be suspicious of the entire kidnap saga. Was this kidnapping saga stage-managed just to embarrass the federal government in the heat of the Nyanya blast and vindicate the Borno's governors claim that the Nigerian army has been over-powered by Boko Haram? Was Governor Nyarko's memo meant to be the strike that breaks the camels back and unleash 'hell' on President Goodluck Jonathan's government from the entire Northern Nigeria? Are these Fulani herdsmen attacks meant to stir up deep resentment against the presidency from Northern states perceived to be 'Jonathan friendly'? The perceived 'Jonathan friendly' Northern states include Kaduna, Plateau,Benue,Taraba,Nasarawa,Katsina, Zamfara (even though its an APC state)-these states have suffered more Fulani herdsmen attacks than any other Northern states in Nigeria.

The ROC was initially recognised by the United Nations and it held China's seat on the UN Security Council, but the UN eventually recognised the PRC and stopped recognising the ROC in 1971 (for obvious reasons). The International Olympic Committee reached an agreement with mainland China and Taiwan that Taiwan will be able to compete at the Olympics and other sporting events under the name Chinese Taipei . The issue of relations between Taiwan and mainland China has always been a controversial issue in Taiwan. General Chiang-Kai-Shek ruled Taiwan from the 1920s to the 1970s. He had always insisted that his government was the real chinese government and the government always had the ambition to take back mainland China by force.

Taiwan alternated between military and democratic governments after Chiang died. Some governments believed that Taiwan should adopt a hostile stance to mainland China, while others believed that the issue could be resolved through dialogue. There have also been politicians who believed that Taiwan should become an independent country, rather than trying to retake mainland China or surrendering to the mainland chinese. There have been several referenda in Taiwan over the type of relationship that Taiwan should have with the mainland (whether it should be hostile or conciliatory). Initially, the view in mainland China was that Taiwan should be taken by force. The Soviet Union and the United States were determined to prevent this from happening.

The Soviet Union believed that the government on the mainland was the authentic chinese government, but they believed that the matter should be resolved by dialogue and diplomacy, rather than war. The United States had a defence treaty with Taiwan which committed them to defend Taiwan if the mainland tried to invade it. This treaty was revoked in 1980 when the US broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan (the US had already reached a rapprochement with mainland China in the 1970s when President Nicon visited Chairman Mao in Beijing). The mainland government now believes that the issue can be resolved by dialogue and diplomacy, but they still haven't taken the military option off the table.

The mainland chinese military still conducts exercises very close to Taiwan. Most people believe that this is done to intimidate the Taiwanese. Most countries and the UN prefer to have diplomatic relations with mainland China for obvious reasons. China has the second biggest economy in the world, the largest market (over a billion people) and it is also a major military power (it has nuclear weapons). Like 2 Shares Politics / Re: See The Tution Fees Of A Primary School In Lekki, Lagos by naptu2: 7:21pm On Jan 13Here is the previous thread. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

God will bless you. You can lend books from the library but you will have a certain duration to return it and during peak periods like exams and midterm exams you might run out of luck because other students will have it booked. There is also the Used-Book store option. You can look up the text book you need for your class and then go to that store to get your books for cheaper than regular price. Its essentially books other students have used or simply older edition of the same text book. Use this option first before the university's main book store.

The school's main book store is where you can find all the text books you need. Make sure you check with your prof first if you need the book for the class. They are often expensive so get ready but that also depends on what you plan to take as a program. The other cheap option will be looking up the text books online if you have a credit card. Don't bother bringing books from Nigeria because you might not know what text books you need until you register for your courses. When it comes to jobs it is really up to you look for sth whether off campus or on campus. No one is guaranteed a job.

The only thing is I don't really recommend working in the first year especially when you are very new to the country. I would suggest you see how you do academically first in the first year 1st before proceeding. Combining work and academics in your first year while trying to adjust to the weather, culture and people in your 1st year in a new environment can be frustrating. When it comes to groceries and spices its a personal budget issue. It depends on what you want to eat and how much you are willingly to spend. Keep im mind that it is important to always think like a student whenever it comes to money.

Always plan and organize your self ahead. While some rented accommodation may provide almost all you have listed some may not provide cable, telephone and a computer. If they do, you could potentially be over charged. In my opinion you don't need cable to succeed as a student. Your assignment and projects will keep you so busy you might not have time for tv. Its advisable you get your own computer and cell phone. No one is going to provide that for you. Washing machine is provided and bills will be covered in the rent. I believe I said this before. Rent for rooms in a house vary from city to city so choose a city on the top right corner of that website and go from there. See that nairaland thread for the discussion about I believe it was back in January.

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Northern socio-political groups were on Friday divided over President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointments, which have largely been criticised in the south as it has thus far favoured individuals from the northern part of the country. Buhari had on Thursday approved the appointments of six persons including Babachir David Lawal from Adamawa State as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Mr. Abba Kyari from Borno State as his Chief of Staff. The list takes the appointments made by the President so far to 30, with only seven of them coming from the southern part of the country and the rest from the North.

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CUG renewal is N1500

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How long does it take to get Cargo Tracking Note

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Socio-cultural groups and people from the southern region of the country have been united in their outrage over the appointments, but northerners have been split over the issue. Yakassai, in a telephone interview with one of our correspondents on Friday, said the President’s appointments so far showed that he was favouring his section of the country, where he got the most number of votes. Yakassai said, "If you look at the voting pattern, zone by zone, you will see that Buhari is compensating the zones that favoured him. It depends on the angle from which you look at it. If you are a patriotic Nigerian, you will see it from the patriotic angle, if you’re a parochial Nigerian, you will see it as right.

We (NEC) are for Nigeria because if you read the oath of office that Buhari subscribed to as President, he said he would do justice to all manners of people without fear or favour. The former Special Assistant to former President Shehu Shagari also dismissed insinuations that Buhari was more concerned about appointing competent persons into offices than making appointments based on sentiments. He said, "In Nigeria today, we have competent people all over the country, no doubt about it. It is a matter of choice; you can get them from all over the country. We have people with university education and working experience all over the country.

Mohammed, however, said giving key political appointments to some certain sections of the country could endanger the unity of the country. The second Republic lawmaker also said that northerners had previously been marginalised in the country by public office holders of Igbo origin, while denying the existence of a northern agenda being allegedly pursued by Buhari. He said, "I’m not and I’ve never been a believer in zoning or rotation in giving key political appointments. I also believe that it is not in the national interest to zero in certain key appointments to certain sections of the country because it allows for further division of the country.

Thirdly, I believe that if there had existed a so-called northern agenda, I would know about it because I’m smart. I don’t believe that any Nigerian whether Buhari, Olusegun Obasanjo (former President) or anybody could hoodwink 170 million people. And if that agenda existed, certainly, Nigerians would know and knowing Nigerians for who they are, they would kick against it. So the talk of a northern agenda or a Buhari’s agenda which is pro-north is utter nonsense. If there is a perceived lopsidedness in any appointments, the political situation must be looked at closely to ensure that justice is done.

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